Oleh : Dr. H. Fadlil Munawwar Manshur, M.S.

This paper discusses the theory advanced by Bakhtin about dialogism and methodological concepts. This theory to formulate the concept of human existence on the other, which is based on the idea that humans judge him from the viewpoint of others. Humans understand the moments of consciousness and take it into account through the eyes of others. According to this theory, the essence of human life is a dialogue. The Method of heteroglossia talks about signs in the universe of individuals because of the word "heteros" means "other" or different, while "glossia" means the tongue or language. In this method mentioned that people are saying needs to be heard, and the author also has the same rights that words need to be heard. A word is born from dialogue to address the problems of life. On the other hand, Bakhtin sees carnival method has spawned a new literary genre, the polyphonic novel. The polyphonic novel is a novel that is characterized by a plurality of voice or consciousness, and the voices or the overall awareness dialogical. Polyphonic essentially a "new theory of authorial viewpoint". Polyphonic appear in fiction when the position of the author freely allowed to interact with the characters. The characters in the novel are freely polyphonic appear to argue with each other and even with the author.

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Apakah Anda Punya Sifat Munafik?

Dari Abdillah Bin 'Amr Bin Al-'Ash Ra. Bahwa Rasulullah Saw Bersabda: "Barangsiapa Yang Memiliki Empat Sifat Maka Ia Munafik Murni Dan Barangsiapa Memiliki Satu Darinya, Berarti Ia Mempunyai Satu Sifat Munafik, Yaitu Jika Diberi Amanat Ia Berkhianat, Bila Bicara Ia Dusta, Jika Berjanji Ia Mengingkari Dan Jika Bersengketa Ia Membongkar Rahasia Terdahulu."